Take Action: Share This Video of Zeke and His Coworkers Calling for the Repeal of HB2

In this new ad, Zeke Christopoulos – a transgender man who lives in Asheville, North Carolina – and two of his associates discuss their concerns about the discriminatory House Bill 2, which knocked down existing non-discrimination protections for LGBT people and banned transgender people from using public restrooms. Let's come together to share this video far and wide – and work toward the repeal of House Bill 2! By sharing the stories of transgender North Carolinians impacted by HB2, we can build momentum for repeal and prevent other states from passing such egregious anti-LGBT laws.

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New video on the absurd consequences of HB2


I'm sure you've been following the avalanche of news around North Carolina's House Bill 2, the law that legislators passed in March to knock down protections for LGBT people and forbid transgender people from using public restrooms.

One thing that we've seen this spring is that, clearly, many Americans don't quite understand the harms that transgender people face every day, especially when confronted with laws like HB2. That's why I wanted to share with you this powerful new video ad featuring Zeke Christopoulos, a transgender businessman whose livelihood and dignity are threatened by North Carolina's HB2.

We have real-world proof that once people know more about transgender Americans, they join the side of fairness and support protections that make us safer and more welcome in our communities. I hope you'll join me in watching and sharing this video today:



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